(A prayer for someone who hurts and needs to ask the Lord for help.)
A Prayer in Time of Trouble
1 I pray to you, Lord!
Please listen.
2 Don't hide from me
in my time of trouble.
Pay attention to my prayer
and quickly give an answer.

3 My days disappear like smoke,
and my bones are burning
as though in a furnace.
4 I am wasting away like grass,
and my appetite is gone.
5 My groaning never stops,
and my bones can be seen
through my skin.
6 I am like a lonely owl
in the desert
7 or a restless sparrow
alone on a roof.

8 My enemies insult me all day,
and they use my name
for a curse word.
9 Instead of food,
I have ashes to eat
and tears to drink,
10 because you are furious
and have thrown me aside.
11 My life fades like a shadow
at the end of day
and withers like grass.

12 Our Lord, you are King forever
and will always be famous.
13 You will show pity to Zion
because the time has come.
14 We, your servants,
love each stone in the city,
and we are sad to see them
lying in the dirt.

15 Our Lord, the nations
will honor you,
and all kings on earth
will praise your glory.
16 You will rebuild
the city of Zion.
Your glory will be seen,
17 and the prayers of the homeless
will be answered.

18 Future generations must also
praise the Lord,
so write this for them:
19 “From his holy temple,
the Lord looked down
at the earth.
20 He listened to the groans
of prisoners,
and he rescued everyone
who was doomed to die.”

21 All Jerusalem should praise
you, our Lord,
22 when people from every nation
meet to worship you.

23 I should still be strong,
but you, Lord, have made
an old person of me.
24 You will live forever!
Years mean nothing to you.
Don't cut my life in half!

25 In the beginning, Lord,
you laid the earth's foundation
and created the heavens.
26 They will all disappear
and wear out like clothes.
You change them,
as you would a coat,
but you last forever.
27 You are always the same.
You are God for all time.
28 Every generation of those
who serve you
will live in your presence.