The Bible is God's Word

Check out some of the work we have been doing distributing God’s word in the Gambia


To share the Good News of Jesus Christ

by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging

use of the Holy Scripture.

A Young Boy Reading the Bible


We exist to do the following and more..

Bible Translation

We translate the Holy Scriptures in our local languages such as Jola, Mandinka, Wollof, Manjago, etc.

Bible Production

Scriptures are published in various formats including print,audio, visual and soft copy formats.

Bible Distribution

We use a variety of channels of distribution including bookshops, events, schools, etc.

Bible Literacy

We teach people how to read and
write in the local language.

Bible Engagement

To help people engage with the Bible,
we design and implement various programs.

Languages Translated
Literacy Classes
FCBH Groups

Bringing the body of Christ
under ONE roof

Our Mission

To make available and to promote use of scriptures in languages people understand best, at prices they can afford and in suitable formats.

Our Vision

A people whose lives are changed through the scriptures.

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Our impact is massive!

Through the proclaimer, I have learnt so many great stories in the Bible. It has taught me not to lie, steal or do any other such or negative thing. I’ve learnt so many great stories of great heroes, kings and religious and people. It has taught me about the word of God simply by listening to it and gaining religious knowledge. When I listen to the proclaimer, I get more understanding than reading the Bible personally. I advise Christian religious teachers to use the proclaimer to teach my fellow students to listen to the word of God. Students understand more when it is in an audio form than to read it. It also read the Bible in simple language which will help students understand.
Picture Of A Girl Listening To The Proclaimer
Sagarr Njie

Jesus Film in Mandinka