Our Story

The Bible Society in the Gambia is a para church organisation whose vision is to provide every person in the Gambia with a Bible in a language they understand and a format they can use, so that everyone can access its life-changing message. We are committed to providing the Scriptures in various formats, both physical and digital, and in multiple languages, so that the gospel can reach all people in The Gambia, regardless of their literacy level or access to technology. Our goal is to ensure that each person in The Gambia has the opportunity to experience the life-changing message of the Bible. We are passionate about making the Scriptures available to all and equipping individuals to study and understand the Word of God. We are committed to providing resources and training to help individuals grow in their faith and walk with God. Together, we can make the Word of God available to everyone in The Gambia and help them experience its life-changing message.

Our Vision

Bible for everyone in The Gambia, in a language they can understand, and in a format they can use, so that everyone may experience its life-changing message.

Our Mission

To make the Bible accessible to everyone in their preferred languages and formats they can understand and at affordable prices, and to transform lives. We work to translate, publish, and distribute Bibles all over the Gambia and beyond, as well as promote Bible engagement and literacy programs to help people understand and apply its teachings to their lives.

The mission is not just to distribute Bibles, but to ensure that people can understand and engage with its message, and that it has a positive impact on their lives. This mission is accomplished through a variety of programs and initiatives, including translation, distribution, and advocacy work. Our mission also highlights the transformative power of the Bible’s message and the desire to share it with as many people as possible. Finally, our goal is to help people connect with the Bible’s message and apply its teachings to their lives.